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Business Efficiency, Profitability and Growth

Carlau Consulting Ltd is a provider of business consultancy services, offering services throughout the UK, as well as overseas.

Our raison d'etre is to work with our clients to strategise improvements in the three main cornerstones of any Business, Operation efficiency, Revenue growth and Profitability. 

We have many Years of experience in management systems, tools and methodologies to assist businesses reach their goals

Are you thinking of selling your business, we can assist with that also.

When you and your Business are ready for that next step and are looking to potentially sell, Carlau Consulting are connected into a substantial network of Clients looking for progressive, profitable Businesses. The process of selling can sometimes seem daunting but we are here to assist with the complete journey. Contact us today for further information on how we can assist.  

§ Consultants with a proven track record in the growth and profitability of businesses, particularly in the Engineering and Services sector

§ Carlau consulting’s approach is to work in very close partnership with our clients and to imbed our consultant into the heart of the business. This allows us to quickly identify the areas of the business requiring attention.

§ Our Services include initial consultancy work to identify areas for improvement, as well as offering experienced Management solutions to implement and drive through those identified opportunities.

         * Implementation of ERP Systems

         * Implementation of Business intelligence and tracking System

         * Operational reviews to improve efficiency and decrease costs

         * Timely Finance data review to enable management

         * Finance reviews to target low margin high spend areas

         * Procurement reviews to target high spend areas

Helping Small Businesses

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